Louisiana Chili Cook-Off
March 14 & 15, 2015
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Welcome to the Louisiana Chili Cook Off Web Site!  

Dates & Location for the 2015 Cook offs are Set!!

The 2015 Louisiana Regional & State Chili Cook offs will be held on the LSU campus in front of the John M. Parker Coliseum (Corner of Stadium and Highland Rd) in Baton Rouge on March 14th and 15th 2015. Both of these events are sanctioned by the International Chili Society & By The Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI). These events are hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Baton Rouge, the Knights of Columbus, Catholic radio 1380 WPYR. and 4 The Kids Foundation.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the children at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital which is the second largest children's hospital in Louisiana, touching the lives of 86,000 children last year. 

In addition to the Chili Cook-Offs there will be  celebrity judges, music, food, drinks.  Also, the LSU Spring garden show/plant sale, The Baton Rouge Spring Car show & a Fish/Koi Show will be going on at the same location

Don't Forget about the "Peoples Choice" competition where you taste the competition chili you get to vote for who wins!  Bring the whole family for a weekend of fun for everyone!!

Winners From both Cook offs will advance to the World Championship to compete for up to $55,000 in Prize Money!!!

Cook Off Oververview

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2014 Louisiana Regional & State Winners

Louisiana Regional

Red Chili

3. Kelly Walker - (Texas) 
2. Cynthia Wittenburg - (Texas) 
1. Christie Watkins - (Maryland)

 Chili Verde

3. Donna Foley - (Texas)
2. Matt Levy - (Maryland)
1. Judi Omerza - (Pennsylvania) 



3. Eric Patterson - (Florida)
2. Don Cullum - (Texas)
1. Matt Levy - (Maryland)

Home Style Chili
3. Ian McDaid - (Connecticut)
2. Thomas Robinson - (Louisiana)
1. Tom Calvert - (Illinois)


ICS People's Choice

Tha Cross Roads Chili (Louisiana)

Local People's Choice
Cajun Decor's Home Style Chili (Louisiana)


Spirit Award

Chill'Axin' Chili (Florida)

Louisiana State

Red Chili

3. "Mad Mike" Freedman - (Connecticut)

2. Louis Gonzalez - (Texas)

1. Karen Goains - (texas)

Chili Verde

3. Jim Weller - (Illinois)
2. David Schulman - (Connecticut)
1. Helen Lewis - (Mississippi)



3. Judi Omerza - (Pennsylvania)

2. Matt Lusk - (South Carolina)

1. Ian McDaid - (Connecticut)

Home Style Chili
3. Don Franks - (Louisiana)
2. Nathan Graham - (Pennsylvania)
1. Richard Patterson - (Florida)


ICS People's Choice

Chill'Axin' Chili (Florida) Local People's Choice
Tha Cross Roads Chili (Louisiana)


Spirit Award

Caesar Dickinson (Louisiana)

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chili,cookoff.ICS,international,society,louisiana,food,prizes,knights,of,columbus,competition,baton rouge,LSU,plant,show,car,show

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